BGTFShow Work Remotely for 2020.

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A silhouetted Aston Martin on a yellow upper background with text confirming the new British GT Fans Show Logo featuring our partners TCF Sportscars

Given the ongoing situation with COVID-19, we have taken the difficult decision to adjust our plans for 2020. With two weekends left in the championship, we have decided that neither Nick Smith, nor Sara Smith will attend any further race meetings this year.

The decision was reached based on a number of factors. Its partly because we can work just as well remotely, whilst other members of the media need to be at the track to do their jobs. If we attend, someone who has to be there can’t.

Nick in particular is a key worker by day, delivering food and supplies across the midlands and north of England. His ‘patch’ includes several of the locations which have been put into second lockdown due to a flare up of the virus. He has no choice but to mix his ‘bubbles’ and can’t be sure at any time that he hasn’t contracted the virus. We don’t feel that its right that we risk further spread by bringing a possible contagion to the circuit.

As a result, we are now looking to add a range of new interactive options to our coverage. Of course we will continue with our social media activity, and our episodes are all recorded remotely so there is no issue with continuing there. We are immediately launching a new hashtag, #AskBGTFShow. During any session, if you have any questions be them simple ones or more advanced, hit us up with #AskBGTFShow and we will get working on providing an answer for you.

We are also looking to continue our race reports. The report from Brands Hatch didn’t happen, due to a lack of available GT4 images. We ask all our listeners at the circuit to volunteer any images they want to the show’s race reports, but we particularly ask for GT4 images, as GT3s are in plentiful supply.

Nick Smith is a time served motorsport journalist and photographer specialising in the British GT Championship. The originator of the idea behind the British GT Fans Show, Nick works to bring all the parties together.

Outside of motor racing Nick is a articulated lorry driver, qualified transport manager, and brass musician.

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