RPS Driven Media Ltd is the company owned by Nicholas Smith and was formed after the failure of his previous business NINE56 Ltd.

NINE56 Ltd was a haulage company and motorsport photography service, The Image Team by NINE56. Unfortunately when the haulage side of the business failed, it took the photography with it. Of course as the creator of the images, Nicholas retains copyright on all the photos and they are now in the Racing Photographic Service archive.

Along with controlling the ten year archive from The Image Team and content created in 2019 onwards, RPS Driven Media Ltd now produces photographs, video and audio content for a range of clients. RPS Driven Media Ltd and Nicholas Smith came up with the British GT Fans Show concept and Nicholas serves as Editor and principal commentator for the show.

Website: http://www.racingphotographic.co.uk

Telephone: +44 7749 442629

Social Media: @RacePicService