The British GT Fans Show is the brainchild of Nick Smith, a time served journalist and photographer focused on the Intelligent Money British GT Championship. A monthly show and podcast, fuelled by TCF Sportscars. It covers all aspects of the series, real world and digital in a magazine format. Alongside Nick, Sara, our presenter and tame non-fanatic, appears regularly to discuss the latest news.

The editorial policy of the show is set by Nick and Sara. The show is produced by Sara’s Stormvixen Creative Media Consultancy alongside Nick’s RPS Driven Media Ltd.

You can read more about the team below.

Nick Smith.

Nick Smith has been a member of the motorsport press pool since 2010 when he created, covering all types of motorsport. In 2012 closed and Nick moved to working with, for whom he still works.

During his time as a writer for he picked up a camera for the first time in anger and has been taking photos of racing ever since. In 2014 he formed The Image Team, which became part of NINE56 Ltd when Nick formed that company to run lorries. 2019 saw NINE56 Ltd close as a major haulage client went into administration. The Image Team went down with NINE56.

Armed with the photo archive and 10 years of experience in the industry, Nick went again with the Racing Photographic Service, which in 2020 incorporated as a limited company and became RPS Driven Media Ltd, reflecting the wider range of services offered.

Sara Smith.

Sara Smith is our producer and presenter, running the mixing desk during episode recordings and assisting Nick with the marketing efforts for the show. Sara has a history in the creative industries, working with book publishers, events producers and theatrical productions.

In 2020 Sara formed the Stormvixen Creative Media Consultancy. The British GT Fans Show is Stormvixen CMC’s first major project.

As a Motorsport fan, Sara is pretty new. Aside from watching Formula 1 with the family on a Sunday, motorsport to Sara was this strange thing that her friend Nick obsessed over. Then she watched the 2020 Rolex 24 at Daytona for a bit whilst at Nick’s house, then hunted out the 2020 12 Hours of Bathurst. Nick had unleashed a monster!

A quick study, Sara already knows more about British GT than many casual fans and her knowledge is growing every day. Her role however is to translate for the ‘expert’ on the show, putting Nick’s words into normal human.

Nicholas Smith

Nick Smith is a time served motorsport journalist and photographer specialising in the British GT Championship. The originator of the idea behind the British GT Fans Show, which became the British Sportscar Podcast, Nick works as the shows resident expert. Away from the track Nick earns his way as a driving instructor and instructor trainer.

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